Your LADY BITS Wellness Tips! How To Heal Chronic Vaginal Yeast Infections NATURALLY

Your LADY BITS Wellness Tips! How To Heal Chronic Vaginal Yeast Infections NATURALLY

Doctor recommended at home vaginal yeast infection home remedies and treatment plans. Are you plagued with chronic repetitive vaginal yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis? Look no further with these easy natural tips to cure yeast infections naturally at home.

How to Manage and Combat Vaginal Yeast Infections
1. Combat System Yeast Overgrowth (gut healing is needed)
2. Eliminate Yeast Feeding Foods: carbs & sugars
3. Feed Your Gut Health Bacteria:
Inulin Fiber:

Ways to Avoid A Vaginal Yeast Infection & Bacterial Vaginosis
4. Wipe from Front to Back when using the toilet
5. Don’t Douche
6. Wear Cotton Underwear only (no cotton, synthetic blends)

Topical Natural Vaginal Yeast Infection At Home Treatment Plan:

1. Sitz Bath with 5-6inches of water with 1 full cup of apple cider vinegar

2. Labia topical application of calendula for swelling and inflammation of external tissue (do not apply inside)

Buy Calendula:

Internal Natural Vaginal Yeast Infection At Home Treatment Plan:
1, Immune Boosting

Cell Forte
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2. Liver Detox

3. Healthy Probiotics/Prebiotics

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