Young Living Essential Oils Success Tips – How To Become A Young Living Distributor Top Earner

Young Living Essential Oils Success Tips – How To Become A Young Living Distributor Top Earner

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Young Living Essential Oils Training – How To Become A Young Living Distributor Top Earner

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In this training video you will learn how to maximize the young living compensation plan by utilizing online recruiting and marketing strategies to attract your ideal customers and prospects for your team so you can build your downline and grow your young living essential rewards sales volume in a way that brings your freedom. When you asked your upline how to make money with young living essential oils you may have been presented with techniques including making the dreaded list of friends and family, cold calling, prospecting strangers, objection handling, inviting prospects to hotel meetings, flyers and business cards, sales pitches and invite scripts. All these things have one thing in common… ZERO leverage. As soon as you stop, the leads for young living essential oils grinds to a halt also. Inside our training series you will discover how to automate the lead generation process and have interested prospects reaching out and contacting you to learn more about becoming a young living independent distributor.

The young living compensation plan is a multi-faceted rewards program that compensates you for direct retail sales and building an organization of distributors which allows you to earn leveraged income on the efforts of those you lead and train to be successful. The young living compensation plan explained: The young living fast start bonus is a generous 25% bonus on your personally sponsored distributors within your first 90 days in your leadership role. This affords you the opportunity to recoup your initial start-up costs quickly. The start living kit bonus is a one-time $25 cash bonus earned when your new personally enrolled distributor purchases a premium start living kit.

The young living essential rewards program offers many benefits including easy monthly shipments, discount shipping, exclusive bonuses and rewards points. And perhaps most importantly (as far as your long term income is concerned), the young living rewards program provides ongoing continuity income month after month as people are automatically purchasing orders on a monthly basis. You earn 24% commission on personal retails sales which is your profit margin between wholesale and retail price.

The diamond young living ranks are as follows in ascending order of accomplishment:

– young living distributor rank
– star rank
– senior star rank
– executive rank
– silver rank
– young living gold rank
– platinum rank
– young living diamond leaders rank
– crown diamond rank
– young living royal crown diamond rank

To qualify and be eligible to earn shares in the rising star team bonus pool you must be paid as star, senior star or executive star rank, have a 100 PV young living essential rewards order and build seven qualified legs in your unilevel young living compensation plan downline.
The essential oils young living leadership bonus is paid once you reach silver rank all the way up to royal crown diamond rank and pays you shares from 6% of the monthly commissionable sales volume in a global pool. The higher your rank and the more leaders in your organization, the more you earn.

Young living diamond leaders (diamond rank, crown diamond rank, royal crown diamond rank) earn additional rewards for their leadership commitment to the company vision by earning shares in the diamond express profit sharing pool. On top of that, the diamond elite program (which is by invitation only) gives a top earner young living distributor additional rewards and world recognition for their commitment to excellence.

How to become a distributor for young living essential rewards program and start earning commissions: Getting started is as simple as investing in one of the starter kits. You can also invest in additional business tools which are informative opportunity and product sharing aids that will assist you in becoming a knowledge expert in the benefits of young living essential oils and how they work.

If you are ready to learn how to build your dream young living essential oils income then go ahead and register for our training where you’ll learn:

– direct sales strategies that are applicable in today’s modern digital economy
– fast start training that will help you to start generating your first leads in your business asap
– how to get customers for young living essential rewards program without pestering your warm market
– how to be successful keeping your team and distributors motivated and taking action
– how to succeed attracting and inviting interested prospects via social media

.. go ahead and lock in your exclusive spot inside our training now:

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