Worry Free Essential Oil Synergy Blend: Best Uses + Quick How To

Worry Free Essential Oil Synergy Blend: Best Uses + Quick How To

We all run into those anxious moments, when our worries can be overwhelming and our minds racing. You may wonder, is there an essential oil to help reduce worry?

Worry Free Essential Oil Synergy Blend ►

Worry Free Essential Oil Synergy Blend: Best Uses + Quick How To

Well, there is! Plant Therapy’s Worry Free Synergy is a blend of essential oils that work together to promote a relaxed state of mind, enabling you to cope with life’s daily challenges.

A chaotic and worried mind can cause moments of panic and tension, but using Plant Therapy’s Worry Free can help you relax and feel at peace.

Worry Free is a natural, safe way to promote a tranquil atmosphere throughout the day, or just before bedtime. Plus, it smells amazing!

Our Top 3 ways to use Worry Free are:

In a personal inhaler to carry on days that when you are feeling anxious or flustered. Add a few drops of Worry Free to the wick of the personal inhaler and breathe in when needed throughout the day.
In a night time bath. Just add a few drops of Worry Free to bubble bath or body wash and let the feelings of tension melt away after a stressful day.
In personal care items, such as lotion or creams. When feeling anxious, simply add a few drops to lotion for an all over relaxing moisturizer. This will give a calm, relaxed state of mind to better help cope with a hectic day.

For an easy Worry Free Body Cream, try this how to DIY recipe.

You will need:
1 ounce of your favorite body cream or butter
And 30 to 36 drops of Worry Free Synergy ►

Simply blend the ingredients together and apply to your arms and legs. Not only will this calm your mind, but it will also leave your skin silky and soft.

We all face worries in our daily lives, but with Worry Free you can enjoy a more relaxed state of mind, which will help you cope with life’s challenges.

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