Wine Mixed with Myrrh – Quina Aragon (spoken word)

Wine Mixed with Myrrh – Quina Aragon (spoken word)

Why did Christ refuse to drink the wine & myrrh offered Him at the cross? Here is my reflection.

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Wine Mixed With Myrrh (credits)

Spoken word written & performed by Quina Aragon (@Quina_Aragon)

Director of Photography
Savannah Lauren (@Vevy)

Videography & Editing by Eikon Media (@Eikon.Media) & Jon Doulos (@Jon_Doulos)

Music Production & Added Vocals by Anthony Mareo (@AnthonyMareo)


There You were,
bones unbroken
but broken with thirst
body open, no robe
just thorns, born to be torn
and crowned with the curse
naked for shame-sake
but you despised its claims
Your life wasn’t taken
You laid it down,
anticipating a reception of glory
a resurrection, a story
and You’re the star
but I’m
stuck on this moment
that struck me as holy
ground, I hear the sound now
of some spectators mourning
when You heaved
under torture,
at The Place of the Skull
and they…those soldiers…

they offered You gall:
wine mixed with myrrh,
a bitter narcotic,
ironic: the wise men
gave it at Your birth
but hey,
perhaps they figured
Proverbs 31:6-7 recommended it,
since strong drink isn’t for kings
lest they drink and forget what is decreed,
and You? You could hardly be
the king of anything)
But, see,
for extreme cases of agony,
like criminals, thieves,
say, on death row in pain writhing,
it was written:
“Give strong drink to him who is perishing;
wine to him whose life is bitter.
Let him drink and forget his poverty
and remember his trouble no more.”
custom could afford
You to deaden some pain
so as to ensure You
would not buckle under strain
when nails jammed Your feet and wrists
thorns twisted, fixed
on the crown of Your body—ripped, stripped,
prepared for Your crucifixion—
none like this one—
justice being paid through substitution,
a weighty solution to our deep-seated pollution,
it stunk.
You kept Your dry mouth shut,
keeping from reviling those
unwilling and unable to see
through blind unbelief
the Messiah-King they traded in for their lusts, but
You, though certainly thirsty,
tasted what that gall was—
a sort of escape—
and did not take it.

Refusing relief…for me
Refusing relief for me

It was like
You wanted Your senses not to be dulled by the sedative
so, consciously, awake,
You, the King,
using the full capacities of Your mental faculties
could speak life, Your eternal decree, to the dying thief
on Your side, otherwise condemned
like I, vile as he.

And You…You looked weak
but You were so strong.
And I’ve tried many times
and for so long
to escape reality with lust and deceit.
But You faced Your tragedy
with joy You could see past that moment in time
Oh, to not sip wine
but to drink wrath divine
Oh, My King,
to not sip wine
but to drink wrath divine.

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