Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection

Wild Oregano Oil for Tooth Decay & Infection

NEVER use ESSENTIAL oil of wild oregano – or you will burn your mouth tissue!

When we say “full strength” we mean regular wild oregano – like NAHS or Joy Of The Mountains brand – that is already cut 4:1 with olive oil. Then, when we talk about “diluted” wild oregano, we are taking this regular oil and diluting it even further with more olive oil.

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How to use either full-strength (this means a commercial brand, like NAHS or Joy Of The Mountains, NOT Essential wild oregano – NEVER use Essential oil of oregano), or diluted wild oregano oil (this means a commercial brand diluted even further) to eliminate the pain and infection caused by cavities. Can also be used for infected gums, mouth ulcers or coxsackie virus – just apply directly using dropper or finger.

To learn WHY my kids have tooth decay – before making accusations – please see my blog post on it and I welcome your comments (the other comments there are also well worth reading):

UPDATE: My son – mentioned in this vid – is now 13. ALL his adult teeth have come in straight, with minimal decay. If you want to see how his teeth are coming in at age 10, see my video on The Best Shower Filter.

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