Why You Can NOT Take doTERRA Essential Oils Internally

Why You Can NOT Take doTERRA Essential Oils Internally

Why You Can NOT Take doTERRA Essential Oils Internally

Him (Comment 1): According to the YouTube video “can I ingest essential oils episode 2”, she talks about the increasing reports of people being hospitalized by drinking doTERRA lemon and digestzen. She says that no essential oils are safe to ingest because of theses reports.

It does make sense that it’s not safe to ingest essential oils with water because water and oil do not mix, which can cause the oils to damage the esaphagus and stomach lining. And if it’s true that mixing essential oils with water and drinking it is not a safe way to consume them what does that say about our company that was started by scientists and doctors.

You think that would be pretty basic stuff for them to figure out. But I think that saying essential oils are not safe to ingest because they don’t mix well with water is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Maybe they just need to be mixed with something oil soluble.

Him (Comment 2): Here is the link for all the reports of people being hurt from PROPERLY using essential oils, take it with a grain of salt, I’m not sure if I believe a lot of them…

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