Which Essential Oils to Use for a Sore Throat

Which Essential Oils to Use for a Sore Throat

I want to tell you about some of my favorite essential oils to use for a sore throat.

These oils are supported by research, and in my 20+ years as an Aromatherapy teacher, I have seen so many students, graduates, and friends relieve their sore throats with these oils.

It might surprise you that this is a topical blend, made in all-natural, unscented cream. Applying a topical blend to your neck and chest is a great way to use essential oils for a sore throat, since the oils help calm inflammation, spasms, and infections.

To get the full recipe (and learn an important safety note for Lemon essential oil) GO HERE:

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Lavender is one of the most useful, versatile essential oils to have in your collection.

This class is all about Lavender! You’ll learn its therapeutic properties, and how to use it for pain relief, calming anxiety, nourish your skin, and more.

We also touch on 8 other essential oils, so you get a well-rounded education and know how to bring out different sides of Lavender.

You’ll learn:
• The 1 QUALITY Lavender brings to every blend
• Important safety information about blending for children
• How Certified Aromatherapists use Lavender for pain relief
• Little-known research that proves Lavender’s benefits, so you understand when + how to use it
• A simple body butter recipe that feels as exotic + luscious as an expensive store brand


Lavender and I hope to see you in class!

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