Which Essential Oils To Use During Pregnancy, Labor & Birth (SELF CARE MUST HAVES!)

Which Essential Oils To Use During Pregnancy, Labor & Birth (SELF CARE MUST HAVES!)

This step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly which essential oils relieve pregnancy symptoms, reduce labor pain and help you through birth. The best pregnancy self care tips are ready for you to download in a Free PDF Guide, plus hypnobirthing resources too! Watch essential oils experts, Patti Tinholt ad Angelique Binet show you how to use essential oils during pregnancy to feel happy, reduce unwanted pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, oedema, indigestion and low mood and more. Learn their best tips and essential oil blends to reduce labor pain and help you focus during birth. Patti also reveals as a bonus at the end which blend she used to half the amount of postpartum bleeding she had compared to her previous births.

Download the free PFD guide with all the top tips explained in this video series!

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It’s important to inform your birthing medical of which essential oils your are using during pregnancy and birth. Patti takes you through how to use essential oils for pregnancy and birth in a safe way that does not harm you or your baby.

There are also some essential oils that you must avoid when you are pregnant especially if you are at high risk of miscarriage or pre-term labour. There are so many helpful pregnancy self care tips and so much pregnancy self care advice in this video tutorial that I have made a PDF guide for you to download so you don’t have to take loads of notes while you watch this tutorial.

Natural remedies like essential oils are an effective way to help you focus and improve your hypnobirthing practice. As you meditate or practice your breathing techniques and relaxation techniques or birthing positions, use some of these essential oils to build a connection with the aroma and the feeling.

This will enhance your mind-body control and help you get into the hynobirhting calm zone faster and more effectively on the day you go into labour and want to give birth to your baby in the most serene way possible. The aromas that you like the most can help as a trigger to release your fear and recentre your thoughts so you can focus internally and get on with your hypnobirthing techniques.

There are so many essential oils to choose from but Patti and Angelique will show you the best essential oils to use during labor as natural labour pain relief. Feeling happy during pregnancy, lifting low mood during pregnancy, and being proactive about your pregnancy symptoms by using natural remedies for morning sickness, fatigue and brain fog, are central to enjoying your pregnancy and feeling in control of your body and mind.

Your physical and emotional wellbeing are directly felt by your baby and will help them to develop peacefully. By protecting yourself from stress, anxiety and overwhelm, you are protecting your baby from stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Your baby feels everything that you are feeling so you are in a position not only to protect them from negativity but you can also bring them and expose them to lots of extra positivity, happiness and joy.

The mother-baby bond goes far beyond anything you can imagine and there is so much emotional baggage that we pass on. It’s a journey of continual learning, self care and self-improvement and you don’t have to do it alone. Join my tribe of Mindful Mamas Raising Tigers and we can figure it all out together.

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