Which Essential Oils Are Best For What? Our Top 5 Uses

Which Essential Oils Are Best For What? Our Top 5 Uses

Which Essential Oils Are Best For What? Our Top 5 Uses | Top 15 Essential Oil Questions

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This video will discuss which essential oils are best for what. The last video went over how essential oils work on a cellular level, which you should totally go watch! To see more videos from this series you can check out this playlist.

Obviously, different essential oils do different things. It’s important to use the correct oils for each situation. Here at Plant Therapy, we get questions all the time about which essential oils are best for what. We’re not going to be able to even come close to answering all those questions today, but we ARE going to talk about our top five: How to use essential oils with kids, which oils are best for sleep, which ones are best for headaches, which oils are best for car sickness (or just an upset stomach) and which oils are awesome for skin and beauty routines.

So which essential oils are best for what? These are those top five complaints, and which essential oils you need to add to your collection to help you.
Can you Use Essential Oils with kids?
You can totally use essential oils with kids, but it’s very important to know which oils are safe for them, and which aren’t.

It’s true that some essential oils aren’t safe for use with children. Peppermint, for example, has a high amount of menthol, and some chemotypes of Eucalyptus and Rosemary have high amounts of 1,8-Cineole, which are not safe for use around children.

But don’t put your oils away just yet, you can still safely use essential oils for your kids in the home, you just need to make sure your oils and synergies are kid-friendly, and make sure you’re educated.

That’s exactly why Plant Therapy has a dedicated KidSafe line of products just for them, so you never have to worry if an oil is safe.
Essential oils for sleep:

We get asked all the time how to use essential oils for more restful sleep. There are so many great oils that can help you relax and wind down before bed.

Lavender, for example, is well-known for it’s sleep-enhancing effects. But you might not know that Mandarin, Vetiver and Rose Absolute are also all great essential oils to use during your bedtime routine.

Essential Oils for Headaches
RETHA: Some oils that immediately come to mind when dealing with headaches are peppermint, Frankincense Serrata, Lavender, Rosemary, Spearmint, Basil, and Roman Chamomile. All these oils are great to use when you’re wanting some natural relief.

Plant Therapy’s Tension Relief Synergy is also designed specifically for helping ease headache symptoms!
Essential oils for car sickness and nausea
Another question we often get asked is which essential oils are best for car sickness, and nausea.

Peppermint, of course, is hands-down the best essential oil for helping with an upset stomach. If you don’t have Peppermint on hand, Ginger Root, Spearmint, and Dill are all also great options to help you feel better!
Essential oils for skin & beauty:
There are so many ways that essential oils can help your skin and hair!

Geranium Egyptian helps even out dry yet oily skin, and is great for re-hydrating. Patchouli is great for helping with problems related to acne, eczema or dermatitis, and it’s also good for dry or more “mature” skin.

Neroli is also good for helping with acne symptoms, especially if your skin is dry. Neroli is also fantastic for sensitive skin.

Helichrysum is good for helping reduce the appearance of scarring, and Frankincense Carteri is rejuvenating for mature skin, and can be used as an anti-inflammatory.

Carrot Seed is great for all skin types!

For your hair, you can use different essential oils based on your hair’s type. Bergamot, Lemon, Cypress and Clary Sage are great for oily hair, while Lavender, Geranium Egyptian and Frankincense Serrata help with hair and a scalp that’s dry.

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