When to Use a Focused and Clear Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

When to Use a Focused and Clear Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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This video is an Aromatherapy recipe for an essential oil diffuser blend to help you feel mentally focused and clear.

I use this Focused and Clear Diffuser Blend a lot when I’m working. I have a diffuser in my office, and it helps me concentrate and feel productive.

I have a little 5 ml glass bottle with an orifice reducer in the cap. When I’m finished making my blend, I’ll tighten the cap and the orifice reducer will snap right into place. It’s very convenient!

I’m only going to use 50 drops of essential oil for this diffuser blend recipe, so it’s not going to fill the bottle up all the way. (A 5 ml bottle holds about 125 drops of essential oil.) I just wanted to be sure you can try the blend and be sure you love it—if you do, you can double the recipe.

This Aromatherapy recipe calls for four essential oils. You can drop them right into the 5 ml bottle:

10 drops Laurel Leaf essential oil (Laurus nobilis) (1:12)
10 drops Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) (1:51)
20 drops White Spruce essential oil (Picea glauca) (2:36)
10 drops distilled Lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia) (3:31)

The essential oil drops sometimes come out fast from the bottles! In the video, the Rosemary came out so fast that I got a few more drops than I intended to! That’s okay—this blend doesn’t have to be precise. It’s not meant to go on skin, and we don’t have to worry about dilution.

At 3:48, you can see the way the orifice reducer snaps into place when I screw the cap onto the bottle. Now we can (hopefully!) get out one drop at a time! And every drop will be a beautiful blend of Laurel Leaf, Rosemary, White Spruce, and Lime to help you feel focused and clear!

If you’ve never diffused essential oils, you can see the process at 4:06. I’ve already added water to my diffuser (not every diffuser needs water, but mine does), and I add 5 drops of my blend. It makes the whole house smell so incredible—open, fresh, and uplifting. I think you’ll love it!

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