What is the Impossible Burger made of? – Easily Explained! Simple!

What is the Impossible Burger made of? – Easily Explained! Simple!

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impossible burger made of
impossible burger how its made – simple explanation
Impossible Foods produced a plant based burger patty? But, what’s inside and how is it made?




On August 8th 2019, Burger King unleashed their Impossible Whopper nationwide. The gimmick? It may look like beef and it might even taste like beef, but it’s not beef. Where’s the beef? Well, it’s not there. This particular patty did not come from animals. So, some of you are curious asking the question, “How Is The Impossible Burger Made?”

Five years in the making, the company, Impossible Foods, created a burger patty that taste and smells like real animal meat. But, this patty did not come, well, from a real animal, but from plants. And, that’s how you make a Happy Cow.


The secret is this compound called heme, which is found in both animals and plants. It’s iron rich and carries oxygen, but it also mimics the juices found in real burgers or, in this case, this Impossible Whopper. Heme plays a big factor in mimicking the flavor of meat.

You see, the heme is an essential part of the protein hemoglobin which carries oxygen throughout the animal’s body via blood.

But plants also use heme to carry oxygen without the blood, since plants don’t have blood.

So, how did the fine people of Impossible Foods produce the heme? Well, they insert soy root DNA into genetically modified yeast and the yeast ferments producing large amounts of soy heme. And, that soy heme provides the juices for the plant based burger patty.

Oh, and the fat sources for the Impossible Burger patty comes from sunflower and coconut oils which is another reason why it sizzles when grilled.

And, let’s not forget methylcellulose which is not only a great source of fiber, but it is also used to bind the whole plant patty together.

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