What Essential Oils to Diffuse When Kids Are Sick

What Essential Oils to Diffuse When Kids Are Sick

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This is a stock blend of essential oils to diffuse when kids are sick.

I love essential oil stock blends! A stock blend is made in a little 5 ml glass bottle. We’ll fill this bottle most of the way with our essential oil blend, and then you can use the blend many times. Instead of making the blend from “scratch,” you can just reach for your stock bottle. And kids love the essential oils in this blend. They smell familiar and fun!

I’m using a graduated cylinder for this blend, because I don’t want to count out all the individual essential oil drops. If you don’t have a graduated cylinder, that’s okay. You can count! Both methods work great.

The recipe for this essential oil stock blend is:

2 ml (50 drops) Cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana) (2:05)
1 ml (25 drops) Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) (2:58)
1 ml (25 drops) Lemon (Citrus limon) (3:44)
½ ml (13 drops) Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) (4:16)

When I have all of my oils in the graduated cylinder, you can see me pour them into the stock bottle at 4:42. The bottle is not quite full. When I screw on the cap, the orifice reducer pops into place in the bottle. This allows me to get a single drop of the essential oil blend out at a time. (You’ll see what I mean at 5:03.)

Now I can get the effects of each essential oil in a single drop!

When I want to diffuse essential oils for kids who are sick, I use about 10 drops of this essential oil stock blend in my diffuser.

These four essential oils are excellent for kids! They are gentle and effective. You can use this essential oil stock blend for kids of any age, as long as you’re not diffusing the oils right near their face. It’s fun to diffuse in the living room where kids are playing, or a few minutes before bedtime. It’s also great for adults who aren’t sick, to reduce germs in the house, and to help everyone stay healthy. The essential oils are not only good for chasing away germs—they’re helpful for supporting immunity, too.

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