Weekly Q&A | Rebound Fat Gain | Boost ATP | Caffeine Sensitivity

Weekly Q&A | Rebound Fat Gain | Boost ATP | Caffeine Sensitivity

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Weekly Q&A | Rebound Fat Gain | Boost ATP | Caffeine Sensitivity – Thomas DeLauer

Can Anything Sweet (like gum) Affect Fasting or Keto

CutieQueen Glamke

So Is gum ok or not ? I can’t go around with Funky breath in a fasted state.

David M

What about brushing teeth and mouthwash?

MamaMina 009

Thomas does lemon water break a fast?


Does vaping affect ketosis or IF?


I eat 30g of peanut butter daily on keto. Will that trigger an insulin response?

Me4u2c D

Love the videos Thomas. I need clarity. In previous videos you said Stevia won’t break a fast but also said Dextrose will. Stevia in the raw has dextrose. I’m still confused. PLEASE HELP because I may think I’m fasting yet I’m actually breaking it.

Toni Gaskill

Do essential oils (lemon, for example) break a fast? I’ve been adding it to my water…

Are You Caffeine Sensitive? Coffee & Your Genetics

Ryan Rockers

How much do epigenetics affect one’s caffeine sensitivity? Don’t worry Thomas, I don’t really expect you to know 🙂 Would be nice to know how to mess with genetics though.

Joshua Salazar

Caffeine literally has no effect on me is that bad?

romario henriques

Hey Thomas, is grape seed flour okay to have on keto?

Miss Denim

I used to drink caffeine right before bed, no problem. It didn’t really affect me. I turned 40 and now I can’t tolerate any. My heart pounds, dizzy, sweat etc. Wth? Anyone else have this happen? Anyone….?

John May

When I quit smoking for some reason I became more caffeine sensitive I could drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day before,now I have one cup of coffee and I feel wired and jittery panicky at times? Why is this?

Daniel Reverter

1) wouldn’t daily caffeine inevitably lead to caffeine tolerance (and addiction) so that one will need caffeine to simply have their “normal” amount of energy and avoid a headache?
2) if you say theanine and teacrine (theacrine) can prevent that, where is the supporting research?


Marianne Browne

I add turmeric to my bpc. Is it true that black pepper helps the turmeric work better?

Joey Fallas

Thomas, if using the actual raw turmeric root, is a fat still needed? And does adding black pepper, as always recommended, aid at all?

christine cornish

Do these also affect “C” reactive protein?

Tony Rico

I was using Turmeric daily then I read that may be too much. Can this be taken daily? Any side effects? Thank you

Why You Weight Rebound After a Diet: Fat REGAIN

Jacques Lefebvre

So can you lose those new fat cell or your stuck with them forever ? Wondering cuz that’s not the first i rebound.

Davis A.J

Can fasting/autophagy reset the number of fat cells you have?

Jp Koekemoer

Hey Thomas. Great video as always. My question is there a way to destroy kill fat cells. So we understand they grow, shrink and multiply. But can we get rid of them?

First Last

So if you stayed lean and in autophagy for long enough time would you get rid of some of those extra unused fat cells?

Klaudia Valentová

Thanks Thomas. But – can body eats own fat cells like proteins through autophagy??? Really not? ?

4 Ways to Boost Energy and ATP that Everyone Ignores

Борис Игонин

Is intensity of cardio important for mitrochondria efficiency? Would a long walk be as useful as a sprint for example?

Jeremiah Mullens

Thanks for the video Thomas. This was perfectly timed for me as my energy levels have been low lately. Probably due to stress. I have a question though. Is there any way to get dietary nitrates other than beet juice? I’m getting back to a strict keto diet (been mixed for a couple months) and I dont want to spike my carbs….. Thanks again. Keep the videos coming!!

Jesse Anderson

Best time of the day to take cordyceps? & how often?

Paulo Vitor Martins

Would citrulline malate do the trick!?

Ammar Barakat

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