Weekly Budget Check-In #3 | Counting Cash Envelope Money | New Cash Envelope System Dave Ramsey FPU

Weekly Budget Check-In #3 | Counting Cash Envelope Money | New Cash Envelope System Dave Ramsey FPU

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Hello Friends! My name is Mary Lou and I am a 37 year old mom of two children, one angel baby, and a doggie, and a wife, a sister, a friend, and we live in North Texas, welcome to my channel, Plan Heal and be Mary. Thank you for watching my “Weekly Budget Check In and Counting Cash Envelope Money, Budget Recap, Budget Review” video. This is how we budget and save money. We do a monthly budget and we include Cash Envelopes and Sinking Funds details with our budget each month in the hopes of “telling our money where to go”- Dave Ramsey. In an effort to stick to the budget and our budgeting we use cash envelopes, it’s harder to let go of cash! We budget with a Zero Based Budget. I also include my cash envelopes and sinking funds in my budgets because I need to see all my info in one place. I am happy to have you join me on my journey.We like to track our cash envelopes and sometimes sinking funds in our weekly check-ins. It helps us stay focused and achieve our debt snowball goal. I use the Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly planner, as well as Planner Kate Stickers, I used to use Sara Marie Stickers and Caffeinated Cait Stickers and they are both fantastic! I have tried making my own stickers and am using them in July and August. Please help me on my journey to financial freedom and being debt free! My babies will thank you some day! Hope you enjoyed and please consider subscribing!

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June Budget with Me:
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April Sinking Fund Balances:
April Budget Results:
April Budget with Me:
April Debt Snowball Update:
March Budget Results/ Report Card:
March Sinking Funds:

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