Vtin Essential Oil Diffuser!

Vtin Essential Oil Diffuser!

The Vtin essential oil diffuser is a small, but more than capable product that is able to humidify the air. I love this product so much, that I have not stopped using it ever since I got this product.


The build quality of this product is solid. It features white matte-finish construction all around. Don’t get me wrong here – although it is made of plastic, the fact that it is MATTE-finish allows it to not draw a lot of fingerprints and scratches easily. I personally appreciate the simplistic design language that has been implemented. The product itself actually reminds me of a small desk lamp, more than a diffuser – it looks very elegant.

Speaking of elegance, the ambient LED that illuminates the top part of the diffuser looks very attractive. The LED switches between multiple colors, illuminating the top part of the diffuser. If you find the changing colors to be somewhat hectic, you can simply press the power button once to make the diffuser stay on one color. You can even turn off the LED entirely – I found this feature to be extremely useful when I wanted to prevent the diffuser from bothering me when I was doing something else important.

Just one thing that bothers me is that the diffuser can look somewhat cheap when the LED in the top part of the diffuser is turned off, due to its rather all-white bland look.

EASE OF USE – 10/10

As hinted at above, the diffuser is extremely easy to operate. I didn’t even need the instructions manual – all I did was add water to the diffuser, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to the diffuser, close the lid, and press the power button! It was that simple.

Switching between the modes explained above is simple as well – simply keep pressing the power button, and you can switch between the modes. Trust me, after messing around with the diffuser for a bit, you will get the hang of it in a matter of seconds.

The diffuser even has a function where it turns off automatically when all the water inside the diffuser has been consumed!


I’ve had a mild condition of asthma and severe atopic eczema ever since I was born, and being a student, I found that the atmosphere in my room can often be very dry. This often causes my breathing to be quite uncomfortable, and my skin to become itchy, to the point where I have to scratch my skin aggressively, to the point where my skin starts to bleed.

However, ever since I started using the diffuser, my room’s atmosphere was considerably humidified – not to mention, with a nice scent, due to the few drops of essential oil.

For my case personally, this oil diffuser has served its purpose to the fullest extent, and is greatly helping me concentrate on what’s important in my room.

VERDICT – Affordable oil diffuser that is capable of doing mighty things

Overall, this oil diffuser is a bargain of a value – for $40, you are getting a well-built oil diffuser that looks simple and elegant, with great functionality that allows you to really make this diffuser your own. I would definitely recommend this item to all my friends that have asthma or spend their time in dry environments.