Victorian Cold Cream (borax-free!)

Victorian Cold Cream (borax-free!)

Ok, so this may not meet the definition of a modern cold cream (which is defined as an emulsion of oils, waters, and wax), but the Victorian’s labelled it such and serves the same purpose. This cream is great for removing makeup, oil cleansing, or even just as a regular moisturizer. As much as I love my other recipe, this cream is a more practical option for me during the summer. I use cream more during the dry winter months, but once it warms up I only use them occasionally to remove heavy makeup. This cream is very shelf-stable, so it can sit on my counter for months without going moldy or rancid (unlike a cream made with water).

Recipe adapted from 1874 book: “The Ugly Girl Papers” (Isn’t that a great title for a beauty book?!)

Notes about this recipe:
1) The original recipe used spermaceti, which is a substance made from whales. Jojoba oil has similar properties and makes a great substitute, which is why I have used it here instead.

2) The final cream will not be as stiff as my other recipe. This does not affect the effectiveness of the product at all. Once any cold cream is applied to the face it melts with the heat of your skin, so it’s original state doesn’t make a difference. (I suspect the original cream would have actually been slightly thicker in texture, due to the fact spermaceti is more solid then jojoba oil at room temperature.)

3) I’ve listed the ingredients in terms of “parts” so you can make as much or as little as you like. For example if you only want a little bit of the cream to try out: use 5tsp almond oil, 3tsp jojoba oil, and ½ tsp of beeswax. Want a bit more? Use a different base measurement or multiply accordingly. (If anyone is confused with the math, I’m a math tutor. I can help!)

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