Vanilla and Lavender Salt Scrub Recipe

Vanilla and Lavender Salt Scrub Recipe

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This is a Vanilla and Lavender Salt Scrub recipe that can help to exfoliate and moisturize your skin at the same time. It feels so luscious and it’s simple to make!

I have a 2 oz (60 ml) glass jar. The salt scrub recipe calls for:

1 oz (28 gm) pink Himalayan salts
1 oz (30 ml) vanilla-infused jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis)

You can measure your ingredients if you like . . . but I don’t! I just fill my jar halfway with pink salt, then fill it the rest of the way with vanilla-infused jojoba. (0:40) Mix your salt and jojoba gently with a glass stirring rod or the handle of a stainless steel spoon. (1:06) It should be very oily.

By the way, vanilla-infused jojoba is regular jojoba that’s been infused with vanilla. You can find it ready-made, or you can make your own. Here’s how (it’s simple!):

After mixing the salt and vanilla jojoba, add the essential oil:

15 drops Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) (1:36)

I make this blend in a glass jar, but if you’re worried about the glass potentially breaking in the shower, you can use PET plastic. PET plastic is known to be non-reactive and not to leach, so it’s a good alternative when glass isn’t ideal.

Use your salt scrub in the shower or bath. A small scoop will exfoliate and moisturize your skin beautifully. You may want to wipe down the shower floor with a towel when you get out of the shower, because the jojoba can leave the surface feeling a little slippery.

I recommend making yourself a fresh jar every few weeks.

Enjoy your Vanilla and Lavender Salt Scrub!

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