Using Essential Oils To Protect Your Lungs and Ward Off Upper Respiratory Infections

Using Essential Oils To Protect Your Lungs and Ward Off Upper Respiratory Infections

Are you looking for one of the most potent and effective ways to protect your lungs from stubborn coughs? I’m sure you’ve been down this road before. You get a cold or flu and it immediately sets into your lungs. You try the OTC cough medicines for relief and they provide limited results with groggy side effects. In some cases weeks can go by and you’re still hacking your brains out. After that it’s usually a round of antibiotics that rarely seem to work.

If that’s you then listen up. Essential oils are God’s natural remedies to keep us healthy.

Most people never consider essential oils as a possible solution to help eliminate a respiratory infection or to protect you from perhaps never getting another one in the future. While there are numerous oils to use, nothing seems to deliver the germ killing effects of the essential oil cinnamon and oregano. Added to a spray bottle with colloidal silver this amazing triplet combo can help you stay well.

In this video Greg Ciola shares with viewers why these two oils are so effective and how you can make this combination of products into your own cost effective home remedy.

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