Understanding SPIRITUAL AWAKENING Symptoms August 2019

Understanding SPIRITUAL AWAKENING Symptoms August 2019

Understanding spiritual awakening symptoms of your vibrational upgrade can really help make the transition.

On the ascension path (your spiritual awakening) you will go through many vibrational upgrades. Raising your vibration can happy quickly or slowly over weeks as you clear old energies.

Understanding what to expect and why these vibrational upgrades are happening make spiritual awakening so much more enjoyable.

Whether you are watching this in 2019 or 2021 this video will give you strategies to understand these symptoms and give you strategies for clearing stuck energy.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean suffering through. With some perspective on the process of awakening you can own your power and ascend.

Clearing dense energies from the body is a part of every vibrational upgrade. We embrace the energies from our spirit guides and higher self to clear energies and rid ourselves of old 3D programming. As we do we feel lighter and lighter.

Level up! Receive you vibrational upgrade. Your vibration continues to rise on the spiritual awakening path as you spiral upward towards your higher self.

I send you all love and light on your spiritual awakening path. I know that each of us is here for the purpose of raising the vibration of our planet and I thank you for all the work you do to shine your light.

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