Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits – Skin, Hair, Face

Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits – Skin, Hair, Face

Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits for face, hair loss, skin, hair removal, hyperpigmentation, and skin lightening. Turmeric essential oil is derived from turmeric or Curcuma Longa as it is botanically known. In South Asia, this yellow rhizome, in its powder form, is used in almost all homes, either as a flavoring agent or as a cosmetic. In southern India, even the leaf is used as a wrap for roasting or steaming fish.

1. Turmeric Essential Oil For Cancer
Turmeric essential oil is known to fight breast cancer, cancer that affects a woman’s physical health and self-esteem. It also puts up a fight against colon cancer, one of the most painful cancers. The anti-mutagens in this oil fight against cancer cells, restricting their multiplication or reproduction.

2. Fights to protect the liver
The liver is the purification hub of the body. Problems associated with liver can interfere with a person’s daily routine. The anti-inflammatory properties present in turmeric essential oil protect the liver. It cleanses the liver from toxicity and high cholesterol.

3. Fights against brain damage
Depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s are some issues that not only affect the person who has them but also can sadden their loved ones and make it difficult for their caregivers. It is said that regular use of turmeric essential oil could delay brain ailments. Or perhaps even reverse the effects. It improves brain function by fighting cell degeneration.

4. Fights to keep the heart beating
Turmeric essential oil shields the blood vessels from plaque and bad cholesterol. It prevents plaque from accumulating on the walls of blood vessels and prevents the blood vessels from being weakened because of free radicals.

5. Fights against arthritis
The cytokines are mostly responsible for inflammation in arthritic patients. Turmeric essential oil greatly reduces the inflammation and soothes the pain. If this oil is used on a regular basis it could combat arthritis and help in managing the pain.

6. Fights allergies
Immunity is our inbuilt bodyguard. But sometimes it behaves as if this inbuilt bodyguard has gone rogue. Therefore, turmeric essential oil our personal bodyguard provides the needed support to our immunity by activating the release of an antioxidant named bilirubin.

7. Fights to keep our teeth healthy and shiny
Pearl white teeth and their supporting gums are under attack by plaque and microbes day in and day out. Since turmeric essential oil is an effective anti-microbial and is anti-inflammatory, it can protect our teeth form plaque and microbial attack.

8. Fights fungal infections
Skin infections could be caused by superficial wounds. Or we could be suffering from other fungal infections. Turmeric essential oil will shield the wound from infection. It will even reduce the appearance of the scars.

9. Turmeric Essential Oil for Hair Loss
Today, age is not the only cause for hair loss. Both men and women could suffer from hair loss due to fungal infection, dandruff or itchy scalp. The anti-fungal properties of turmeric essential oil can help in eliminating the fungal infection, free the scalp of dandruff and itch, and keep the scalp healthy.

10. Turmeric Essential Oil for Face
Wrinkle-free clothing is available in the market, but not wrinkle-free skin. Turmeric essential oil could come to our rescue in fighting those fine lines of the face. The antioxidants in the oil could bring back the lost glow and reduce the appearance of those fine lines from the face.

11. Fairness for Face and Skin
Turmeric is used since ages for brightening skin. It not only makes the skin or face fair but also gives it a glow that goes away due to repeated punishment from sunlight and pollution. Since the oil is photosensitive, it is advised to use it during evening or night.

12. The remedy of Hair Removal
Turmeric-based products are widely used in Asia to get rid of unwanted hairs. In India, it is widely used as a hair removal remedy primarily for facial hairs. Take equal amounts of chickpea flour or besan and turmeric. Add little water and make a smooth paste. Add this paste on the areas where you have unwanted hairs. Leave it to dry naturally. Wash it off with warm water.

13. Turmeric for Hyperpigmentation
The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric makes it an ideal choice to deal with pigmentation. The blemishes reduce with its proper application and pigmentations are lightened. In order to use turmeric for this purpose, you need to make a proper mask with other ingredients. Mix 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with a quarter cup of honey, fresh cucumber juice, aloe vera gel, and yogurt. Make an even paste out of it.

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