Trichotillomania Treatment with Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Trichotillomania Treatment with Blue Tansy Essential Oil

7 months ago a 40 year old woman started using Barefut’s Blue Tansy Essential Oil on her scalp to see if it would help her stop pulling her hair out. She has suffered with a disorder called Trichotillomania (also known as TTM or hair-pulling disorder) since she was 12 years old. She has sought out treatment from the best doctors in the county and has never been able to overcome this disorder.

Since she started using our Blue Tansy Essential Oil on her scalp 7 months ago, she has not pulled her hair. It’s still too early to know if this is a short term or long term win, or if the effectiveness of Blue Tansy is isolated to her or if it would also help others suffering with this hair-pulling disorder.

As an antiparasitic essential oil, it is possible that Blue Tansy is having a positive effect in treating hair-pulling because the urge is being triggered by microscopic parasites or nematodes in the scalp.

We are looking for 2-3 individuals who suffer from Trichotillomania who would like to work with one of our aromatherapists in using Blue Tansy Essential Oil to see if it helps them overcome their hair-pulling. If you suffer from this or know someone who does and would like to participate, please contact us to let us know the following:

1. Age and gender
2. How long you’ve suffered from Trichotillomania
3. What treatments you’ve tried in the past
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