Treat Cough & Cold at Home | Remedies for 0-6 months old babies

Treat Cough & Cold at Home | Remedies for 0-6 months old babies

1. Garlic & Ajwain Fumes
Garlic is a very powerful medicine with anti-bacterial properties.
Ajwain (carom seeds) also kills virus & bacteria.

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Roast 2–3 big cloves of garlic & few pinches of Ajwain on tawa for just one minute.

You will be able to smell powerful fumes. Let the mixture cool down and keep near your child.

The smell of mixture will heal the cold & cough of your child. You can also bind the mixture in pouch for better handling.

2. Squirt Breast Milk in Nose
This is lesser known use of breast milk.

Some moms put few drops of breast milk in nose of child, and it helped in fast curing from cold.

3. Light Steam

Inhaling steam is a natural way to provide relief from blocked nose, chest congestion & cold.

Make your bathroom steamy by running hot water tap for some time. Sit in bathroom for 10–15 minutes by taking your infant in your lap.

4. Keep baby’s head elevated
Babies feel difficulty in sleeping when suffering from blocked nose & cold.

Elevate your baby’s head with help of pillow or cushion while she is sleeping to minimize the discomfort of blocked nose.

Other home remedies can work better when child is at rest and sleeping.

5. Saline Water
You can even make it at home but I recommend you to buy it from market because packed saline water has appropriate ratio of salt & water.

Put few drops in the blocked nose of your child. Saline water will help unblocking the stuffy nose of your child.

6. Nasal Suction with Pump
Suction pump is used for cleaning the nose of infants because cloth based hanky or cotton based face towel can make rashes on soft nose of new born baby.

Make sure to wash suction pump after every use.

7. Oil Massage
Light massage of warm mustard oil will help your baby to get relief from cough.

Massage on chest & back of your baby.

8. Coconut Oil with drumstick leaves
Warm up coconut oil and put some drumstick leaves (moringa).

It is an effective home remedy when applied on hair of child suffering from cold.

9. Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil is a decongestant & is used for its amazing medicinal properties.

Put few drops of eucalyptus oil on baby’s clothes and bed sheet for relief from blocked nose & congestion.

10. Herbal Coconut Oil Massage
Warm up coconut oil and add tulsi leaves. Tulsi will leave its healing properties in the coconut oil.

You can also add a pinch of camphor. Mix well to dissolve camphor into coconut oil.

Massage the oil on chest of your baby before sleep. You can also do hair massage with same oil. It will give relief from cold and cough.

11. Diffuse Essential Oils in Room
Essential oils are extracts of plants. They can come from the roots, leaves, flowers, stems or a mixture of these.

The essential oils that are good to diffuse to help with congestion are: Cedarwood, Clove, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Lemon, Melaleuca (ericifolia), Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood and Thyme.

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