Top Three Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Kids

Top Three Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Kids

I invited my sister Laura over to the farmhouse to share her top three essential oil diffuser blends for kids. Diffusing oils can be helpful to promote cheerfulness, restful sleep and concentration. 

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You all know that I love using natural solutions in my home. Whether if be for cleaning, immune support or to sooth my kiddos when they have a bee sting, scrape or bug bite, I aim to keep the chemicals far away. 

All of my homemade products are potent because I add essential oils to them.

Essential oils are the natural aromatic ocmpoinds from the leaves, roots, bark, flowers and stems of plants. They are SUPER concentrated. For example, one drop of peppermint oil is the equivalent of 28 cups of peppermint tea.

This is why they are so effective. You’ve heard that peppermint tea can soothe an upset tummy, but I’m not about to make 28 cups of tea and ask my little ones to drink it. Instead I can put a couple drops into a roller bottle with a carrier oil and rub it right on the area of concern.

In my kitchen a few drops of lemon essential oil goes a long way to cut the grease and grime from our farmhouse sink. I usually soak it and scrub it down once a week.

Lavender on dryer balls makes the laundry flower-y fresh and all without filling our home with toxic fumes.

My natural home would never be without them. 

That’s why there is a big old box, overflowing with essential oils, out on my counter at all times. 

Top Three Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Kids Video
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”2SMe3tWe” upload-date=”2018-08-06T16:10:34.000Z” name=”Top Three Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Kids” description=”I invited my sister Laura over to the farmhouse to share her top three essential oil diffuser blends for kids. Diffusing oils can be helpful to promote cheerfulness, restful sleep and concentration. “]

Essential oils can be used three ways
Internally (Not all oils can be taken internally, so make sure to check the back label for supplement facts. If it does not say this, it should only be used aromatically and topically. Cedarwood, for example, should not be taken internally.)
Today we are going to be talking exclusively about aromatic use. 

When you diffuse essential oils, they are broken down into tiny molecules and dispersed in the air. They enter the nasal cavity and go into the limbic system. 

Since the limbic system is responsible for controlling the emotions and mood essential oils can promote a sense of well-being, cheerfulness, concentration and a healthy night’s sleep. 

Laura and I both love using essential oils in our homes and around our kids.

Today Laura is going to share with you her top three favorite essential oil diffuser blends for kids. 

Top Three Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for Kids
Sleepy Time essential oil diffuser blend

To make the sleepy time blend
Add water to the diffuser fill line. 
Add in the following essential oils: 2 drops lavender, 2 drops cedarwood and 2 drops frankincense
This blend is great to diffuse in your kids’ bedrooms at night, or during naptime, to promote healthy rest.

Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender is well known for its ability to calm the mind and promote relaxation. It also has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression. I find this article very interesting. It points to some specific studies that were done to find out if lavender truly does help sleep. Turns out its more than just hype!

Cedarwood Essential Oil
According to this source cedarwood “has sedative effects when inhaled”. No wonder it is so effective for nighttime relaxation and stress relief! 

Frankincense is also called “the king of all oils”. It has so many benefits for the body, but one is its ability to relax and calm the mind. It rounds out this blend to help kids get a good night of rest. 

Cheerful essential oil diffuser blend

We try to keep our kids outside a lot, because I truly believe thats where kids belong. They can use their imaginations, get dirty and be loud.

But, some days, we have so much to do inside that they have to be in some too. Also, not to mention, the dreaded W word that is coming up in about 4 months. 

Things can get a little crazy when this small home of ours has five kids running around it all day.

We need something going in the diffuser to keep the mood light on those long day…

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