Top 4 benefits of Tea Tree Essential oil (Melaleuca Oil) & How you should use it! | टी ट्री ऑयल

Top 4 benefits of Tea Tree Essential oil (Melaleuca Oil) & How you should use it! | टी ट्री ऑयल

Top 4 Uses and benefits of Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca Oil)

Tea Tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia which is a plant native to Australia. Tea tree oil is also known as Melaleuca oil.

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Listed below are some of the benefits of the Tea Tree Essential oil for your hair and skin.

– Tea Tree oil for acne / skin – is widely used for acne (pimples) treatment as it is antimicrobial. Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area.
– Tea Tree oil for dandruff / hair – is also used for reducing dandruff when mixed with a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Extra virgin coconut oil.
– Tea Tree oil helps remove body and foot odour and also helps with cold sores on your lips.
– Tea Tree essential oil also works as a natural deodorant.

It’s best to do a patch test before applying essential oils even when diluted with carrier oils as they are very potent. Generally speaking it’s best to keep a dilution ratio of 2% essential oils to carrier oils.

These were some of the benefits of Tea Tree oil but it is not just limited to these usages, this essential oil is one of the most versatile and powerful oils and is a must for every medicine cabinat.

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