Top 10 Essential Oils for Summer | Travel, Digestion, Jet Lag, and more!

Top 10 Essential Oils for Summer | Travel, Digestion, Jet Lag, and more!

Essential oils are incredibly powerful and versatile tool that can improve health in so many different ways. I love using them all year round but especially rely on them during summer, as it’s a busy season for me. From sleep and jet lag, to skin and immune support, essential oils can positively impact almost every aspect of our well-being.

CAUTION: some essential oils are photosensitive and should not be applied topically before direct sunlight or exposure to artificial UV rays!! They can cause skin burns. Here are doTERRA essential oils that should be avoided topically if you are planning on being out in the sun:


AromaTouch, Bergamot, Breathe, Cheer, Citrus Bliss, Cumin, Elevation, Forgive, Grapefruit, InTune, Kumquat, Lemon, Lime, Motivate, On Guard, Purify, Slim & Sassy, Sunny Citrus, Tangerine, Zendocrine.

For more information on photo sensitivities, check out this article:

DISCLAIMER: use only therapeutic grade essential oils that are approved for internal use. Also, use glass or stainless steel container if using essential oils in water, never put them in plastic!

Also, if you have a severe sunburn (blistering or swelling, high temperature, chills, dizziness, or headaches from the sun), don’t apply any oils and seek medical attention!


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Essential Oils for Deep Sleep:




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