The Power of Essential Oils | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 004

The Power of Essential Oils | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 004

Welcome to The Healthy Me episode number 004… I’m Trina Felber, Registered Nurse and CEO of Primal Life Organics.

Honking horns…

Miles of traffic…

Dings and pings and alerts on your phone…

These are just a few of the everyday attention-eating stressors that—when combined with your responsibilities at home and at the office—can lead to monumental setbacks for your mental and physical health.

Now factor in environmental toxins—like aluminum in your deodorant and pesticide residue on your food—and all of a sudden living in the modern era seems less like a privilege and more like a taxing burden.

The media is quick to laud the plusses and perks of smart devices, soaring stock markets, and scientifically-engineered crops, but what about the inherent risks of all that advancement? It feels like the profiteers and pundits are painting an artificially rosy picture that’s all reward and zero risk.

So today, you’re going to learn about the other side of modern-life coin, from my guest, Jodi Cohen.

In addition to being the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, Jodi is a nutritional therapy practitioner, award-winning journalist, yoga enthusiast, and busy mom of two young kids.

Her proprietary essential oil blends—which started with a shot glass in the kitchen—empower every day individuals like you and me to detoxify the body and heal the brain so we can live and love more freely and fully.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to listen to Jodi as she shares her very best advice for combating stress, getting better sleep, and living an all-around healthier life.

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