The Ketogenic Diet & Kidney Disease

The Ketogenic Diet & Kidney Disease

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Dr. Berg talks about ketogenic diet and kidney disease. A ketogenic diet is not a high protein diet, it’s only consuming 3-6 oz of protein with each meal. There is a condition called ketoacidosis, which is different that nutritional ketosis, and your pH does not raise to any danger levels. Keto can also increase the uric acid, but if you consume enough vegetables, again, you will be fine. The potassium in vegetables is very kidney protective. But high sugar, and high insulin is damaging to the kidney more than anything else. Take a look at a diabetic – they usually end up with long term kidney damage. GMO foods can also effect the kidney, so eat organic.

I had another question relating to does ketogenic diet cause kidney disease. Number 1, ketogenic diet is a very natural thing for the body to do. In fact I believe that is was the very first diet that we all were on and our bodies are very used to it. It is a much better fuel running your body on ketones. And the confusion is that a ketogenic diet is a high protein diet and of course high proteins can damage the kidney and the liver as well but it is not but it is not a high protein diet and you are only doing 3 to 6 ounces of protein with each meal. The ketogenic diet is a low carb diet and low carbs are very beneficial to the kidney. High carbohydrates and high sugars are very damaging to the kidney. Let’s take a look at the diabetic, they usually have vision problems, nerve problems and eventually kidney problems and they usually end up kidney dialysis because that amount of sugar is very damaging to the kidneys. High carbohydrates destroy the kidney and low carbohydrates are very safe for the kidney. There is a condition when you have diabetes called ketoacidosis and that means that the pH coming from those ketones and this is from the very unhealthy ketosis by the way. It is very different on the type of ketosis I’m talking about. It is more of a side effect because the body is burning up protein and is turning on ketones and the pH is coming very acid. But you don’t have to worry about that because when you are actively doing just by cutting out the carbs and you are not a diabetic type 1. I’m gonna recommend and I am recommending a lot of vegetables to get your potassium and potassium is very protective on the kidneys. Until you have complete kidney failure and you have kidney dialysis, in that situation you don’t want to consume a lot of protein because you can’t really utilize that protein that’s a completely different situation. But in general, potassium is very protective on kidney and that is why we recommend 7 to 10 cups of vegetables with the ketogenic diet plan to protect the kidney and give it the nutrients that it needs. Another problem with keto is that it increases the uric acid. It is not gonna do that if you keep your vegetables high, but some people can get uric acid stones, gout, simply because they are not consuming enough vegetables. We don’t have to worry about that but recently there are higher incidents of kidney disease.


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