The easiest way to use essential oils

The easiest way to use essential oils

Let’s talk about roll-ons! They come in a little container that look like this. They are wonderful because new people get intimidated when they see an orifice where the oils can drop out of.
The roll-ons are already diluted and you roll them where you need them! They blends are named with what they are supposed to help.

Deep Relief is the bomb schizzle for where you need relief! It could be tax time (ha ha) or whether you’re sitting at a desk all day and you need some relief on your neck and shoulders.

Stress Away and Tranquil. What are the difference between these two? Jen share’s her difference. Stress Away is for when you’re feeling so stressed that if you had a piece of coal in your body it would turn into a diamond because you’re so tense.

Stress Away is for when you’re overwhelmed and beyond, you’ve just had it. Great for when you’re in the car for when you’re in traffic or people are jerks.

Tranquil is for when you want to CHILL. It’s Jen’s favorite before bed, she applies it on herself and her pillow. Cedarwood, lavender, and Roman Chamomile in it help you unwind at night. Roman Chamomile helps promote a restful night’s sleep.

Breathe Again is for when you need to BREATHE AGAIN! Roll it on your pillow or on your covers, even on your chest. Use it for when you need to be able to take a deep breath, even when under stress or when you have a lot going on.

Tips on the roll-ons. How to get going on then. The roll-ons are great for new people, they are diluted and blended for a purpose.

Roll the oil where you need them. Don’t know where you need them? Roll them on the bottom of your feet or on your neck.

The easiest way to use essential oils

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