The doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel Overview

The doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel Overview

The doTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel Overview
The doTERRA oil chemistry wheel provides a deeper look at the chemistry behind essential oils, showing how specific oils can elicit a desired effect, based on their chemical structure.

The 4 main chemical categories are:
1.) Terpene Backbone Type. This specifies the carbon backbone structure of the chemical constituents in the oil. Usually the backbone type is either monoterpene or sesquiterpene

2.) Functional Group. This indicates the presence of a specific arrangement of atoms within the constituent molecule that has distinct chemical properties

3.) Chemical Constituent Name. This is the chemical names for the main compounds found in each oil

4.) Essential Oil. These are the names of the essential oils with the backbone, functional group, and constituent composition that fit into the chemical categories explained previously

The 5 main types of essential oils are:
1.) Restoring Oils are for emotional and physical support. They are meant to help revive, strengthen, and rejuvenate your body and your senses.

2.) Uplifting oils are meant to be inspiring. They encourage feelings of exhilaration, refreshment, and enlivening.

3.) Energizing oils are used to bring feelings of motivation and activation. They tend to be brisk, naturally stimulating oils that help wake up your mind and body

4.) Soothing oils help to ease and alleviate issues, both emotional and physical. They are meant to reassure and console as needed

5.) Stabilizing oils help steady your nerves and encourage more even and balanced emotions



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