Tea Tree Essential Oils – NTV7 Bella-01 [Essential Oil Malaysia]

Tea Tree Essential Oils – NTV7 Bella-01 [Essential Oil Malaysia]


Title : About Tea Tree Essential Oils

Recorded episode to be on air: 1100hrs – 1200hrs, 05-0515 (Friday)
Venue: Studio 3,m ntv7 Glenmarie

BF1 supply and manufacture cold press Tea Tree Essential oils and most of the pure essential oils in Malaysia.

The Tea Tree Oil that we offer is extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia of the Myrtaceae family. This oil is one of the most used essential oils and there are many who have been benefited by its wonderful healing properties.

Essential Oil Guarantee

We provide 7 days Money Back Guarantee for all essential oils and blended essential oils. Our essential oil 100% Non Alcohol, no harmful chemicals suitable use for all Muslim, all skin types and safe for babies, children or adults.

Safety of Essential Oil

All our Pure Essential Oil are safe to apply on all skin type directly, it will not create irritation to skin. Pure Essential Oil should not harmful to skin, because it make by pure natural herbs and fruits.

Example : Lemon – Essential Oil from fresh lemon skin will not create irritation to skin unless harmful chemicals are use in extraction to prevent solidify, increase thickness, increase weight or prolonging shelf life.

Essential Oils Re-branding in Malaysia

We offer to re-branding all available essential oils or blended essential oils to your own essential oils brand with repacking to your required size and re-label with you logo and design.