Syntus Essential Oil Diffuser Review & Demo!

Syntus Essential Oil Diffuser Review & Demo!

Syntus Essential Oil Diffuser:

• The essential oil diffuser not only infuses easeful fragrance but offers a bit of decorative piece to your room.

• Just add a few drops of oil, the diffuser will exude a cool mist of the mixture of water and oil that release into the air; Bringing you a soothing and comfortable atmosphere.

• Color & Emotion Adjustable – The aromatherapy diffuser emits 7 colorful LED lights; Set a color and change a mood.

What is Essential oil diffuser ?

Essential oil diffusers are small devices which disperse essential oil particles in the air. These are considered one of the most adored wellness appliances nowadays due to their amazing qualities of air purification. By dispersing balanced amount of aroma oils, they not only bring the whiff of freshness along, but also create a healing atmosphere around us. When we breathe in such atmosphere, we also breathe in anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties of essential oils which keep us in good health.

What’s the benefit Syntus Oil Diffuser can bring to you ?

Since heating the essential oils will alter and denature some of the chemicals in them, some diffusers use high level of heat to produce an extra strong aroma which can change the chemical bonding of essential oil. However, Syntus oil diffuser are ‘ultrasonic’. The steam is actually cool and not heated which is more safe for children. Also they are safer if you have pets in your home.

Does aromatherapy work?

Aromatherapy is considered to stimulate odor receptors within the nasal area, which in turn send communications through the nerves and also to fault the mind that handles emotions. Through hospitals to spas, important oils are given via inhalants, diffusers in order to trigger positive feelings and calm unhealthy.

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