Susi, What oils can I use when I get anxious?

Susi, What oils can I use when I get anxious?

Susi answers all of your questions about essential oils!

Susi Roos, RN, M.Div and Craig Muzard are here to support you in having the healthiest and most non-toxic lifestyle possible.

As a certified holistic nurse for 40 years, a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, cancer coach and food educator, Susi has been showing people for decades how to harness the innate healing abilities of their bodies and minds through natural interventions that boost the immune system, lessen inflammation, reduce the stress response, help the body detoxify, fight cancer, balance hormones, and so much more.

She is also the founder of Evicting Cancer, a forum with coaching, classes and retreats to turn the cancer challenge into a healing journey.

Susi supports whole person healing, including addressing the mind, heart and spirit.

Essential Oils are an integral part of her healing approach as these amazing gifts from Mother Nature provide so much therapeutic benefit to our oft-stressed bodies and lives. These tiny drops of oil contain a variety of amazing compounds that can energize or calm, nourish or detoxify, sooth or protect, improve organ function, strengthen immune response, help repair DNA and even kill cancer cells and nasty microbes.

They can be used on or in the body as well as being part of safe, effective personal care and cleaning products. The more Susi uses these oils for herself, her family and her clients, the more she fall in love with them.

Susi is committed to helping you and your families become your most vibrant, youthful, healthy, authentic and joyous selves.

Craig Muzard had a real wake-up call five years ago in the form of a cancer diagnosis. Going through treatment made him realize that he had to become a much better steward of his body and life. With Susi’s help, he made dietary and lifestyle changes as well as initiated more self-care initiatives for healing his body and reducing stress-provoking thoughts, circumstances and people.

He was so impressed with the role essential oils continue to have on his life journey, that he has committed himself to share this life-enhancing information with others.

Together, Susi and Craig are passionate about empowering you with the practical and safe application and uses of essential oils to improve the quality of your health and life.

Go ahead and start today!