Social Anxiety Disorder: Can lavender treat social anxiety disorder?

Social Anxiety Disorder: Can lavender treat social anxiety disorder?

Social Anxiety Disorder: Can lavender treat social anxiety disorder?

One thing I hate? My Social Anxiety Disorder… Over and above almost anything on the planet. I am personally against the use of pharmaceutical medicine so over the last year or so I have delved into the world of homeopathic medicine, organic foods, and ESSENTIAL OILS!

I read up on EO’s for things other than anxiety, but one day decided to check if there was one that could help with it.. Low and behold there are plenty! I decided to try lavender essential oil first and just by opening up the little bottle and taking a whiff of the scent INSTANTLY put me in a mood of relaxation. Me being me, i immediately starting recommending it to everyone i know.

This stuff is magic for people with social anxiety disorder! A few drops on a napkin stuffed in your pocket is a must paired with breathing and relaxation techniques! One constant thought that I have now is, “Where has lavender essential oil been all of my life?” Well its here to stay, and hopefully it will be for you as well!

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