Scalp Emergency Inflammation Sore Scalp And Other How To Calm It Down

Scalp Emergency Inflammation Sore Scalp And Other How To Calm It Down

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The blessing of the Lord brings wealth,
without painful toil for it.
Proverbs 10-22

This is a protein hair growth pomade
ingredients where to buy in the USA:

castor oil:
coconut oil:
crystal menthol:
Annatto seed:

(1)hot oil treatment any oil of your choice, total oil 100ml tea tree oil 10dp, lemon 5dp, lavender oil 5dp.
(2) measure 2 50ml =2oz Shampoo, 8 drop tea tree oil, 2 drops lemon, 5 drops Lavender oil.
(3) look for hair conditioner sulfate, mineral oil and paraben-free same as the shampoo. In the hair conditioner 1cup or more depending on the length of your hair, mix the 3 essential oil quantities like that of the shampoo and add 1 spoon of honey, ? it will calm down, only do not overload your scalp with different products or wash frequently.

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