Safe and Effective Use of Essential Oils for Optimum Skin Health with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Safe and Effective Use of Essential Oils for Optimum Skin Health with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Today’s show is about essential oils. There is a lot of buzz about essential oils going around. So I asked our guest to dispel some of the myths about essential oils and explain how to use them safely.

First, we have a listener question from Lindsey. She says she has very sensitive skin and wants to know how she can know if using skin products containing essential oils is safe for her skin.

I also have sensitive skin and always recommend a skin patch test before using any new product. Apply a small amount on the inside of your wrist and wait for 24 hours. Watch for itching, bumps, or any sign that you are having a reaction to the product.

My guest today is Dr. Eric Zielinski. He’s also known as Dr. Z. He’s a sought after health researcher, and educator, author, and motivational speaker.

Dr. Z’s mission is to provide people with simple evidence based tools that they need to experience the abundant life. By hosting online events such as the Essential Oils Revolution and the Heal Your Gut Summit, Dr. Z educates people in natural remedies and empowering life strategies. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and four children.

In this interview, we cover top essential oils, the best essential oils, and how to select essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively for optimal skin health and overall health. Please enjoy this interview with Dr. Z.

Topics discussed today include:

Network Marketing has contributed to the resurgence of the popularity of essential oils
In WWII medics had oregano oil in their medical kits
Benefits of essential oils
Skin care
Health care
Mental balance
Our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products put on our skin
Essential oil properties are in the blood in 30 minutes and gone in 4 hours
Our skin is part of our immune system, if our skin is damaged we are susceptible to disease
We need to minimize toxic skin care products, main cause of health issues in our society
Find a good skin care line, the store shelf items are not good for us
Most essential oils are antimicrobial – they target bad cells, but not the good cells
In the summer, we like peppermint. In the winter, citrus oil. Lavender to calm down. Use the blends to accomplish the effect of what you are trying to accomplish.
Skin microbiome is being destroyed by toxic chemicals we put on our skin, by using safer products we diminish that effect. Essential oils also help nourish the skin and promote healthy bacterial balance, and solidify the microbiome so that you will be protected.
Best oils to start with:
Citrus – lemon and orange – bergamot
Tea tree
Get pure therapeutic grade essential oils – organic is better
Less is more – essential oils need to be diluted
Use a diffuser – 4 or 5 drops and some water
Internal – not the best idea – 1 drop maybe
Do not do the morphine bombs and put 20 drops of essential oil in a capsule
Essential oils and photosensitivity – bergamot could cause your skin to burn more – CO2 extracts don’t do that – it’s important to recognize which oils do that – watch the bergamot and citrus oils in the sun
Essential oils have powerful properties, but do need to be used with common sense

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