Practicing the 80/20 Rule With Dr. Nick Berry – Talking Essential Oils

Practicing the 80/20 Rule With Dr. Nick Berry – Talking Essential Oils

Having a little extra support at the ready in the form of an essential oil can make a world of difference to our health, which is the subject of this video, an excerpt from my recent Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast conversation with the amazing Dr. Nick Berry, who runs Essential Oil Wizardry.

I believe it’s healthy for all of us not to get so caught up in a fanatical relationship with our diet and other lifestyle factors we forget that living is really important too.

Following that single-minded approach to life can lead you down a one-sided road in relationship with Great Spirit. Do it long enough and you’ll live this illusion that you’re only loving Great Spirit, God or whatever when you’re following a rule book.

If you follow your core values 80 percent of the time, you should be able to cultivate enough vitality and health that you can enjoy unbound play the remaining 20 percent of the time.

I call this my 80/20 rule.

I created this rule to help people achieve a better sense of balance with their health, movement and diets and not to get too rigid.

This can work the other way too. Too many clients to count have spent their hard-earned dollars trying to convince me they’re following my 80/20 rule. After decades of reviewing their logs, I can spot what variables on the 20 percent side are creeping over to the 80 percent side very quickly.

If you’re disciplined in following my 80/20 rule, it’s OK to accept the responsibility that comes from taking a wild ride of the 20 percent side, even if it’s going to hurt a little bit. That’s where essential oils can be very useful!

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