Plants in Your Bedroom promote a healthy sleeping reducing anxiety insomnia boost your memory

Plants in Your Bedroom promote a healthy sleeping reducing anxiety insomnia boost your memory

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night, before being awoken by the sound of your alarm-clock just minutes after you finally manage to nod-off! These sleepless nights can take their toll on our energy, productivity, mood and overall quality of life. One way to ensure a better quality of sleep is to fill your home with beautiful flowers and plants.

Not only do they look great and bring vitality and life to your living spaces, but they can have fantastic relaxing and purifying benefits – which in turn can promote a healthy sleeping pattern. If you are one of those people who often face sleeping difficulties, you will definitely be glad to know that Mother Nature has provided plants that can help you!

These houseplants effectively cleanse the air in the bedroom and eliminate all toxins, so they help you fall asleep and get the rest you need.
Such plants are also a great decoration in the house, as they add a splash of color to the room. They take in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and thus filter air within their natural cycle of life.
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So here are the plants that help you sleep better every night
This beautiful white flower plant has a sharp and specific scent which has been used for relaxation for thousands of years.
“When the effects of the jasmine odor were compared to the effects of the lavender odor and the non-odor control condition, the dispensing of jasmine led to greater sleep efficiency and reduced sleep movement.”
Additionally, jasmine essential oil is one of the most successful remedies in the case of depression and anxiety.

Who doesn’t love the scent of lavender? It’s also probably the most well-known of all plants when it comes to inducing sleep and reducing anxiety levels. Research backs-up these claims, with lavender scents shown to slow down heart rate, lower blood-pressure and levels of stress. While there are a host of lavender scented products on the market to help you get a full night’s rest, why not go for the most natural and cost effective option – a beautiful lavender plant in your bedroom. The lavender plant likes warmth and sunlight, so ensure to place it on a sunny windowsill and water sparingly.
Snake Plant.
This plant, also known as ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’, is a natural air-purifier. They emit oxygen at night, improving the air around you so that you sleep-better. They are also known to remove some harmful chemicals such as xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene, benzene and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can be found in hairspray and can cause respiratory problems, so this is a great plant to have in the bedroom!
Gerbera daisy
The gerbera daisy plant also has lovely blooms which decorate the space, as well as strong calming effects. During the night, this plant emits oxygen in the air, so it treats insomnia and creates a positive atmosphere in the room.
This medicinal plant is a great addition to any home. It produces oxygen at night, so like the other plants listed, it will improve the air in your bedroom. The gel from these leaves can be used to treat minor-cuts and burns, insect bites and dry-skin.
Besides its beautiful appearance, the valerian plant is extremely helpful in the case of insomnia and trouble sleeping. Scientists have confirmed the hypnotic effects of valerian a long time ago.
Spider plant
This amazing natural purifier of air efficiently eliminates the dangerous formaldehyde from the air.
The NASA study has shown that it actually removes even 90 percent of formaldehyde in the surrounding air. Hence, you will enjoy its powerful health benefits if you keep a spider plant on the bedroom shelf close to your bed.
Rosemary essential oil also helps regulate your mood and make you feel uplifted. A rosemary plant in the bedroom can help improve air quality and encourage better sleep. What’s not to love! Rosemary can improve your focus, boost your memory, and relieve stress.
Do You have any plants in Your bedroom? Be sure to share it in the comments below.
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