Piñon Pine Essential Oil's “Minus the Sinus Headache” Inhaler

Piñon Pine Essential Oil's “Minus the Sinus Headache” Inhaler

Essential Oils can be great for naturally relieving sinus pain, pressure and headaches. I want to show you how to make an inhaler called “Minus the Sinus Headache. If you have a cold or flu and you’re looking for relief, this inhaler is perfect!

Read on to learn how this inhaler will help you.

All conifer essential oils are helpful in clearing congestions, opening sinuses and reducing infections, and Pinion Pine Essential Oil is fruitier than the other conifers so I really love it. We are blending Pinion Pine with Hemlock Essential Oil, which is more traditionally piney. This combination will completely open up your breathing. Kunzea Essential Oil is a lesser known oil that’s great for respiratory support. It reduces infection, soothes sore muscles and relieves headaches. It’s a strong oil for reducing congestion.

This inhaler will clear the tension in your head, help you breathe and will make you feel so much calmer. You’ll be breathing better in no time!

Here’s how to make “Minus the Sinus Headache” Inhaler:
Blank Inhaler
Organic Cotton Wick
8 drops of Pinion Pine Essential Oil (Pinus edulis)
2 drops of Hemlock Essential Oil (Tsuga canadensis)
5 drops on Kunzea Essential Oil (Kunzea ambigua)

Just drop the essential oils directly on the cotton wick of the inhaler, and then take a deep breath to feel instant relief!

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