PANDAS, Our True Story Of Recovery

PANDAS, Our True Story Of Recovery

This is a video of our true story of PANDAS Recovery. How our son overcame motor tics, separation Anxiety, and verbal tics through using essential oils. Our story began when one day shortly after his D-TAP vaccination our son was diagnosed with a routine Strep infection, a few months after that he started presenting with strange motor tic movements. We were very concerned and had no idea what was wrong. We brought him to the pediatrician and his flippant answer was…”ignore it; it will probably go away by itself.” Another doctor diagnosed him with Tourette Syndrome. However, it wasn’t “Tourette Syndrome” and it didn’t “go away by itself.” Over the course of two years it waxed and waned, but each time when it came back, it was worse than before. First came the frequent eye blinking, and eye rolling, then the throat clearing, then the slight cooing noises or vocal tics, and finally and even more suddenly he started shaking his head uncontrollably. Along with these symptoms came severe separation anxiety, and emotional labiality. We were frightened and devastated. We took our son to the neurologist, and for the first time he gave a name and diagnosis to the dark cloud that was attacking our son. It was P.A.N.D.A.S. (Pediatric Autoimmune Neurological Disorder Associated with Streptococcus bacteria) that’s right… our son’s body was attacking itself because of a SIMPLE STREP THROAT INFECTION that was hiding in his cells! In other words, intracellular bacteria were wreaking havoc in his little body, causing his immune system began to attack his own body. The doctor prescribed a long course of antibiotics (90 days plus) which initially brought some improvement, but soon that improvement began to fade away, and new symptoms appeared. He then added steroids which helped, but only temporarily, and not without taking a huge toll on his body and his white blood cell count. Our son was on medication for almost two years and yet his condition continued to deteriorate..we were losing our son to PANDAS, and we were losing hope.

We felt lost and confused and we prayed for an answer. Then one day we were introduced to essential oils and that’s where our amazing journey back to health and recovery began. We started to use the essential oils in a very targeted approach….and what happened was absolutely amazing. His body began to function in a way we had not seen before. We saw changes within weeks…within several months a complete turnaround! It is important to note that the body is amazing self healing organism given the right resources. Essential oils are NOT medication, but they are an all natural tool to help aid the body in the natural healing process.

This is our TRUE story. After we tried the antibiotics, and all the other medications for two years leaving our son worse off we found essential oils. We were tired, emotionally exhausted and sick of all the medication that only temporarily masked our sons medical condition, but did nothing to restore his health. We decided to take control or our sons condition. We had nothing more to lose so we pushed doubt aside and opened our minds to something alternative. As a result…within months our son recovered. That is our truth. The bottom line is that it works…it’s just that simple…it works. The only thing we are disappointed about is that we didn’t try this sooner.

We know sometimes its hard to have hope, and its hard to believe when you are going through the devastation of PANDAS, We understand the negativity that grips you as a parent, but we want to share our story with you because there is Hope for healing with PANDAS…our son is living proof!

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We Believe:

• Essential Oils were created by God to be used as medicine.
• They are the biblical plant based medicine mentioned nearly 700 times in the scripture.
• That we are instructed by scripture to use them for the purpose of healing.
• While the FDA restricts the right to claim any natural substance can heal the body, we believe that sripture speak first on this subject and any restriction to discuss essential oils in the context of that scriptural precedent is a violation of our free exercise of religion.

Our Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to the biblical use of essential oils for the purpose of healing as mentioned in scripture. It is our goal to help educate people on how to use essential oils correctly and effectively within that biblical context. This is an educational site only, and we do not diagnose, treat or cure.

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