OMG!!! How LED Light Therapy completely changed my skin!!!

OMG!!! How LED Light Therapy completely changed my skin!!!

Yes I know…that is a big title and a HUGE claim……but it’s true! Cleared my acne, reduced the size of my pores, took away old spots and scars, and now I have a crazy GLOW!

As some of you know, I have been using LED Light Therapy on my face for about six months. I honestly saw change, improvements, and results within the first few times of using the light, and definitely people noticed within a month. I waited quite a while to share with you guys because it’s a big topic and I wanted to give it some time before sharing.

Now that I’ve used it so consistently for some time, I feel very confident sharing my personal experience and findings with you guys.

With that being said, I can only speak from my own personal experience based on the lights that I have used, so I just want to make that clear. There are a lot of LED options in the world, so make sure you do your research before diving in.

I made this video explaining EVERYTHING…..I know that it is VERY LONG. However, I take education seriously, so I wanted to make sure I gave you all the information and tips that I know. I hope you can learn and take from it what you need, and I hope it answers ALL the questions you may have. If I didn’t cover something you have a question about, it probably means I don’t know, so use your little GOOGLE hands to find out more! ENJOY! X

(she’s amazing go see her!)

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