Natural Headache Relief Without Pills – Review

Natural Headache Relief Without Pills – Review

Best natural headache relief remedy without taking pills; uses pure therapeutic grade essential oils, peppermint, spearmint and lavender.

Over twenty years ago, an aromatherapist in Chicago developed a formula which optimally combines three essential oils each known for its ability to soothe and relax people who suffer from a variety of common headaches and their attendant general suffering, such as feelings of stress, sinus irritation, nausea and overheating.

To make a long story short, the formula became a big hit among the hundreds, and later thousands, who tried it, and it became common for many customers to pull the aromatherapist aside to passionately thank him for the much needed relief that the formula finally provided them in their daily struggles.

They were tired of managing the dangers to their internal organs of over-the-counter and other medications that many of them were required to take regularly (see recently reaffirmed warnings from the FDA about exactly these problems). They not only knew of the health dangers involved with the medication, but many had experienced its decreasing effectiveness with greater use and even rebound headaches from using too much of various over-the-counter medications.

No one claimed the aroma remedy was their ultimate cure for recurring tension, sinus or migraine headaches, but they were grateful for the often great relief that it did provide. The bottom line was that it was helping them manage their lives better and it gave them a tool to stay in control longer and more often.

For some breathing in and massaging in the oils can be enough to experience the pain go away. The oils also support welcome relief from feelings of nausea, sinus irritation, stress, and overheating that often accompany headache pain.

In this event, two recurring headache sufferers review Headache Relief Roll-on by Nutravana and discuss their experience in using it. This is the same formula created by the Chicago Aromatherapist mentioned above; Tedd Neenan. It is ready to use straight out of the bottle which comes with a roll-on applicator.

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Warning! Most essential oils, especially those commonly recommended for headaches should not be applied directly to the skin as they may cause burning and/or painful skin irritation. They must be mixed with the proper amount of carrier oils before they should be used directly on the skin. Once the proper mixture is created, it can be used as a massage oil that actually can rejuvenate the skin while it safely relaxes you and goes to work on the accompanying symptoms, allowing you to manage or vanquish the pain.

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