Natural Essential Oil Pain Remedies with Danelle Wolford

Natural Essential Oil Pain Remedies with Danelle Wolford

Excerpt from one of the 31 presentations offered at the Essential Oils Revolution.

Jill: Very cool. So how do you use essential oils every day? What are some examples of how you put them to use in your life?

DaNelle: So because my main issue is pain and pain management, I really kind of dove into which essential oils were good for that. So what I’ve come to find is that to knowing what kind of pain you are dealing with is really important when it comes to finding the best essential oil to do the job. Because lavender, for example, is good for skin pain or skin issues. Marjoram
works better for muscle pain. So you really need to understand which ones are going to work best.

But once you kind of get through those and you start using a few of them, you can really progress. A good example is peppermint. Peppermint kind of gives that hot ice effect where it gets hot and then it gets cold. But it also can increase circulation, oxygenation to the muscles. Peppermint itself has about 12 different active compounds. The largest compound is menthol. So it actually works as an analgesic. That menthol is really good at kind of numbing the area, but also increasing circulation.

So when it comes to pain, I like to use peppermint oil for muscle pain that may be due to cramps or spasms or maybe swelling or stiffness because it can also kind of increase circulation. So increasing oxygenation is always a good thing when you’re dealing with any kind of spasm or swelling. And then it also really gives that—I don’t want to say the word “numbing”—but it gives you kind of that hot and cold effect, which can really ease the pain.

Jill: It’s almost like one of those muscle rubs you might get that has that cold and then hot effect.

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