My Favorite Natural Cleaning Recipes | Best Essential Oils for Cleaning

My Favorite Natural Cleaning Recipes | Best Essential Oils for Cleaning

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A few years ago I was overhauling the house and getting rid of toxic products in my home.  I started making homemade products with my oils and when I came to my precious cleaning supplies I was skeptical.  Would I really be able to make products that work like windex?  Or what about that lysol smell after my floors are mopped?  What about the toilet bowl?  Yup, I like cleaning toilets too!

I researched recipes and started trying different things.   Let me tell you, I was impressed!  I still get that clean fresh look and smell, without the chemicals.  I use a couple essential oils and a few products to clean my entire house, and it still sparkles.

My Favorite Natural Cleaning Products

VINEGAR- Vinegar is great for cleaning because of its high acidity level.  It can counteract sticky buildup, dissolve soap scum, get rid of brines left by hard water, and cut grease.  Vinegar can also kill salmonella and E.coli, two bacteria you’ll want to kill.
BAKING SODA- Baking soda is great for absorbing odor and removing stains, making it a go to for your natural cleaning.  Baking Soda is a mild alkali and can cause dirt and grease to dissolve easily in water for effective removal.
CASTILE SOAP- Castile soap is gentle, safe, and leaves surfaces squeaky clean. Castile soap is highly concentrated making it cost effective because you only need a little bit each time you clean, and each bottle will last you a long time.

My Favorite Essential Oils for Cleaning
1) Lemon
2) Wild Orange
3) Lime
4) Melaleuca
These essential oils have powerful cleansing and purifying properties.  They can be used to cleanse surfaces, purify the air, and leave behind a pleasant aroma that makes your house smell clean and refreshing.

I keep it simple.  As I am writing this I am looking around to see if I am missing anything, I can’t believe how little I use when it comes to cleaning.  Under my sink where I keep the cleaning supplies is pretty boring but I like it.  I like that my kids can help me clean with out me having to worry about chemical burns or them ingesting it.  I like that the ingredients are healthy and natural. I love that they work!

I am going to share the few recipes I use to clean my entire house, my dish soap recipe, and my favorite DIY foaming hand soap.


When I say ALL purpose, I mean ALL!  This stuff covers it.  You can use it on the counters, bathroom vanities, kitchen surfaces, floors, and even mirrors; it doesn’t streak!

16 ounce glass spray bottle
1/4 cup vinegar
20-25 drops lemon essential oil


Add essential oil and vinegar to spray bottle and top off with water.



Spray bottle or Squirt Bottle
15 drops melaleuca
10 drops lemon


1) Add essential oils and vinegar to spray bottle and top off with water.
2) Spray in toilet and let the mixture sit for a few minutes.
3) Sprinkle with baking soda and then scrub with toilet brush.

This takes away that nasty ring, leaves a sparkling bowl, and eliminates odors.


1/4 cup olive oil
10 drops wild orange


Add ingredients to a mason jar and mix well.  Add a dime size amount to a cloth and rub on furniture to remove smudges and dust.  It adds a nice, shiny, protective layer.


16 ounce spray bottle
1/2 cup castile soap
10 drops wild orange
10 drops lemon
10 drops lime

Add essential oil and castile soap to spray bottle and top off with water.  You can add 1 tablespoon to a sink of warm water or spray one time on each dish.

8 ounce foaming soap dispenser
1/4 cup castile soap
10-15 drops essential oil ( My favorites are lavender, wild orange, lemon, and onguard)


Add essential oil and castile soap to dispenser and top off with water.

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