MUSIC FOR BAKING | Joie de Vivre | MUSIC FOR CLEANING | Parisienne Farmgirl Channel Music Playlist

MUSIC FOR BAKING | Joie de Vivre | MUSIC FOR CLEANING | Parisienne Farmgirl Channel Music Playlist

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As a creative and a vocalist myself I have STRONG feelings about the music selected for this channel. Many of these songs bring me to tears (the one used for “To Autumn”)… others have such a great hip hop beat I can hardly handle it… and the Country ones with their driving “double two” rhythm take me back to beer-stained dance floors and late nights falling in love. The songs you hear me chose for videos about my garden CAPTURE how I feel about that soil and its petals… and the melancholy vocals against footage of my children tugs at my heart each and every time…All music can be found on Epidemic Sound. Get your subscription HERE for thousands of hours of FABULOUS music.

Thank you for the last two years. Growing this channel has been incredible. I hope you enjoy the playlist.

Two hours of music, your favorite songs from the last two years:

Let’s start off with some beats and hip hop….
Modern Vintage Gypsy 3
Struck my You Instrumental, Seroa
Coffee and Unicorns
Linen, Frook
Rain Check, Dylan Sitts

And then come Country inspired music….
Stay for a Minute (Second most requested song aside from the theme song Dansez)
Walking Through the Valley – View Points
Where You Are Instrumental – Dayon
Imprints of Life – View Point
Good Things Will Come – Tellow (You’re most requested song aside from the Dansez theme song!!!)
Country Classics 2 – Stefan Netsman
Crazy for You Instrumental – Wildflowers
Tennessee Skyline – Mikael Rosman
Air Travel 2 – Gunner Johnsén
Reminiscent Affection 2 – Joachim Nilsson
Turn This Way – Las Lunas
When I am Calling Your Name – Giant Ember (Third most requested song)
Leather Feather – Lennon Hutton
Hollow Head – Kenos Almond
I’ll Never Leave You – Giant Ember

Alive Again -Howard Harper-Barnes
A Walk in the Clouds – Howard Harper-Barnes
Heaven Can Wait – Million Eyes
Distant Glow – Rannar SIllard
Calm the Storm – View Points
This Summer Belongs to Us – View Points
Days of Silence SLCT Remix – Velvet Moon
Unknown “Season of Mists”
Parallax – Luwaks
The Church – Nylonia
Earl Grey – Dylan Sitts
Straight Out of the Basement – SINY

French Inspired….
The Girl from Summer Camp – par
Bohemia – Moin le Quartet
What about the French – Taomito
French Connection – Håkan Eriksson
Paris for Christmas – Of North

O Come O Come Emmanuel – Half Giant


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