Most helpful uses for essential oils

Most helpful uses for essential oils

A little bit about most helpful uses for essential oils:

They are known to have many benefits, most commonly medicinal properties and stress relief, they also have antibiotic properties. They have also been known to significantly help people that suffer with chronic headaches and migraines. There are dozens of kinds and brands and each one has different perks and uses. Of the most helpful uses for essential oils, the most common ways that people use essential oils are topically, or rubbed on the skin, for medicinal purposes or to reduce inflammation, diffused into the air with any type of diffuser, used on dryer balls for your dryer cycle, or in cleaning products.
I use them daily in a diffuser, topically for headaches or muscle pain, and on dryer balls instead of using dryer sheets.
My top four favorite essential oils:
Lavender – used most commonly for stress relief and increased quality of sleep
Citrus Bliss – diffuse this almost daily, purifies the air and is a mood booster
On guard – best for antibiotic properties, supports a healthy immune system and is a disinfectant. Used on dryer balls
Deep blue – used for inflammation for joints and muscles

I prefilled my diffuser with water and you only need 3-4 drops of whatever oil you want to diffuse and it runs for 4-5 hours, depends on the type of diffuser.

Topically I have many different versions of essential oils.

Deep blue cream – this is basically “icy-hot” except chemical free used for joint pain and tendinitis or for muscle relief
On guard spray – used as a hand sanitizer, all natural – kills germs and smells great
Roller balls – immunity blend and headache blend

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