Medical Edge: Aromatherapy may help take away the “winter blues”

Medical Edge: Aromatherapy may help take away the “winter blues”

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) — If you are feeling the ‚“winter blues,‚ a new report from behavioral health experts at the Cleveland Clinic say that the secret to feeling better may be in a kind of therapy you likely don’t think about for treatment.

It’s called ‚“aromatherapy‚ and it appears it can boost your mood and pick up your energy levels.

Had enough of winter? You’re not alone, behavioral health experts say it’s not uncommon for people to feel a bit more sluggish and tired this time of year.

So experts at the Cleveland Clinic say there might be some real value in “aromatherapy.‚

This type of therapy can be done in a number of settings, but it uses scents and aromas as triggers to make us feel better.

The scents suggested include citrus scents, such as orange and grapefruit, and also the smell of rosemary.

You can get these in a number of ways you can use them in cooking you can get scented oils, you can get them in candles and lotions as well.

In some cases just putting these scents on your hands face or neck may help pick you up.

There are also items such as scent sticks which you can carry with you to keep the scent in a purse or pocket.

Now part of the reason this is so powerful is that we often associate scent with memory.

The smell of fresh flowers might make you think of spring, chocolate might make you think of grandma’s cookies, those uplifting thoughts may lead to uplifting moods which may be why scents to pick you up might be different for each of us.

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