Making Hydrating Serum – Formulation With Herbal Extract -BF1

Making Hydrating Serum – Formulation With Herbal Extract -BF1

Making Hydrating Serum – Formulation With Herbal Extract -BF1
2 hours of free training workshop for basic knowledge of about making Hydrating Serum with Herbal Extract

* Language : English
* By Vincent Yong
* Date : 28-12-2019 ( Saturday )
* Time : 2.00pm to 4.00pm

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Essential Oils Malaysia – All About Essential Oils
Our intention of creating cold press or cold press essential oils is to helps on skin healing and natural skin medication. To learn more about our Essential Oils, please select the link as below or attending our Free Essential oils Classes in Malaysia.

List Of Pure Essetial Oil :

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Essential Oil Malaysia – BF1 Essential Oil
BF1 manufacturing wide range cold press or cold process 100% pure essential oils, aroma oils, virgin carrier oils, natural carrier oils, massage oils and herbal oils according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in accordance to the ASEAN Guidelines.

BF1 Guarantee On Herbals Products and Essential Oils Malaysia
BF1 provide 7 days Money Back Guarantee for all herbal products and essential oils. Our herbal products and essential oil 100% Non Alcohol, no harmful chemicals suitable use for all Muslim, all skin types and safe for babies, children or adults.


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BF1 Free Training Workshop

BF1 provide free training workshop for hair care, beauty care, skin care, essential oil and Aromatherapy.
We provide you the basic knowledge, formulation and ingredients mixing for free.

* Venue : BF1 Building
* Fee : Free. No conditions.
* Invited : Everyone who interested.
* Limited : 100 seats

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* Waze Map : You may search for ” bf1 ” in Waze map.

Remarks : Please follow direction with Google Map or contact us : 03-6257 6048



* 地点:BF1 Building
* 费用:免费。没有条件。
* 邀请感兴趣者。

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