Macka B's Medical Monday 'Lemongrass/Fever Grass' 5/3/2018

Macka B's Medical Monday 'Lemongrass/Fever Grass' 5/3/2018

Medical Monday
‘Lemongrass/ Fever Grass’

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Monday again time a move fast
Feels like the time a fly past
Another day another broadcast
Today it’s Lemongrass
It’s a plant comes from nature
Known for its aroma also the flavour
But it’s something greater
Fever grass it’s known as in Jamaica
Yes used for the fever
Aches infections stomach reliever
Not just a flavouring neither
Food is medicine I’m a believer
Lots a Vitamins and Mineral
Antibacterial antifungal
Flavanoids, Polyphenols
Antioxidant as usual
Lots of benefits medicinal
Anti-inflammatory help the muscle
Headaches it could be helpful
Rub the oil pon your temple
Soothing calm down your body
Used a lot in Aromatherapy
You got the oil but also the tea
Could help with the stress and the anxiety
Also it’s a very good seller
As a mosquito repeller
You might know it as Citronella
Have to keep away that little fella
That’s Lemongrass in a nutshell
More to it than taste and smell
Can be good for your health as well
Time will tell

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