Luxurious Rose Petal Cold Cream (made with real roses!)

Luxurious Rose Petal Cold Cream (made with real roses!)

In this video, I will be showing you how to create a rose cold cream. Cold cream was commonly used as a facial cleansing cream, and dates back to ancient times. It’s a great makeup remover, and helps both deeply clean and moisturize the skin. This recipe uses real rose petals, which gives the cream a soft pink tint. Actually, the final product looks a lot like strawberry icecream! The rose petals can be omitted if desired, or substituted with other dried herbs (such as lavender or mint). Choice of essential oils will also depend on your skintype/desired results.

A note about preservatives:
I have a chemical sensitivity and prefer to avoid preservatives if possible. However, as with all water-based products, this does mean the cream will have a relatively short lifespan. Keeping it in the fridge will help it last much longer (approx a month or two in my experience). I normally keep the big jar in the fridge and a smaller jar in my bathroom which I refill every few days. If you want it to have a longer shelf life, you will need to add some sort of broad spectrum preservative. And as with any product, if you see mold or it smells off, it’s time to throw it out and make a new batch.

The cream may “weep” a little bit a couple days after it’s made. This shouldn’t affect the effectiveness of the product.

For those of you in the EU who can’t easily get a hold of borax (or just wish a borax-free cream), here are two alternative cold cream recipes that could be adapted to a rose petal cream.

Infuse the oils with rose petals in the same, and add a few drops of rose essential oil at the end. This will provide a deeply moisturizing cream that has similar benefits to this cold cream (although it does have a slightly differnt texture).

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