Lesser known Spices of India: Tail Pepper/Cubeb – EP 07 | Everyday Life

Lesser known Spices of India: Tail Pepper/Cubeb – EP 07 | Everyday Life

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Lesser known Spices of India: Tail Pepper/Cubeb – EP 07 | Everyday Life
लैसर नोन स्पाइसेस ऑफ़ इंडिया: कबाब चीनी

Tail pepper something similar to black peppercorn. But, there is a small tail attached to this : that is why it is known as tail pepper.
It is also known as Kabab Chini and Java Pepper
Its botanical name is Piper cubeba. It is also similar to allspice its flavour and appearance. If you do Google search you will see a lots of website call this ( tail pepper) as Allspice whereas this is altogether a different spice -tail pepper.
Tail Pepper is native of Indonesia. You can find this tree in South India. However, India doesn’t have large scale commercial cultivation. However, you can still find various Indian dishes having flavour of this spice. Apart from being used as spice, it is also used for extracting essential oils. It is also used as flavouring agent in alcoholic drinks and cigarette.
It is also famous for its medicinal properties. It medicinal properties are quite similar to allspice. It is also used in oral and dental problems. Apart from that it is also useful in treating various ailments of respiratory and digestive tracks.

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Resource : The Encyclopedia of Spices and Herbs by Padma Lakshmi with Judith Sutton

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